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small one, which can be seen as ey▓es and a nose. I see a vivid facial expression on it. With t▓he help of lights, you will see it more clearly on the photo." The different types, shapes and colors of vegetables, with a bit of rearrangin▓g, can make for a rich source of imagery. Fre▓sh, withered, rotting, dried, pickled, ▓boiled or fried - and all with a dash of digital manipu▓lation - Ju presents a puzzling series of vegetable comp▓ositions representing world famous p▓aintings, such as The Last Supper and Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci, and Vincent Van ▓Gogh's Self Portrait.To Ju, the quirky idea of blending

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    art ▓and vegetables is natural and fun.Ju Duoqi said, "These western masterpieces are very the▓atrical and have magnificent scenes. I think it's fun to organize various vegetables to play a drama as in the painting▓s. When I find an

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    appropriate vegetable whic▓h perfectly fits the scene or the costume of the chara▓cter, I'm very excited." Anyone for Da Vinci's Mona ▓Lisa composed of Chinese cabbage, kelp, celery, tofu, pepper and potatoes? Or a last Supper, lovi

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    ngly prepared with ginger, radish, tomato, mushrooms, bean curd, seaweed and rape? A Chinese artist is taking ▓the sensual side of food to its ultimate extreme, by recreating Western masterpieces out of vegetables and photographing t

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    he result▓s. On today's the List, let's see how the artist chops, slices and eats her representations of the old masters. "La ▓Liberte guidant le peuple", or Liberty Leading▓ the People, is a painting by Eugene Delacroix commemorating

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  • ordinary vege

    the July Revolution of 1830. It's also the inspiration of Chinese artist Ju ▓Duoqi's "Liberty Leading the Vegetables".Chinese cabbage, mushroom, potato, seaweed, radish and a bunch of wooden toothpicks, that's all she needs for breat

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